The Catalyst Network is a dynamic, growing network of inspiring organizations from across the country with the drive to help people improve their lives supported by Stand Together, a non-profit based in Arlington, VA. Shelters to Shutters was chosen by Stand Together as a Catalyst for our innovative private industry solution to assisting individuals and families experiencing homelessness in local communities.

Recently, Stand Together teamed up with FreeThink media to produce this impactful piece about our mission. We are grateful for their support in helping us raise awareness about the many faces of homelessness in this country and share how our program takes a unique approach to the issue.

Over 80% of people experiencing homelessness are situationally homeless – losing their housing after a lost job or unforeseen incident. This can spiral quickly into other issues that make it difficult to recover. Shelters to Shutters is an innovative organization that identified a solution that addresses both needs and connects individuals experiencing homelessness to both an entry level job and an apartment at apartment complexes in order to help them get back on their feet and prevent them from becoming homeless long-term. With many Americans living paycheck to paycheck and with minimal savings, it’s more important than ever. Catalysts is a Freethink original series presented by Stand Together. Follow the series on facebook at 

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