HOME by Funnel Inc. makes first donation to partner organization: Entryway

Funnel’s online leasing solution contributes $1 for each new lease signed to HOME by Funnel Inc., to grow impact through partner organizations over time

OCTOBER  24, 2023, TAMPA, FL — HOME by Funnel Inc. (HOME or Housing Opportunities Made Equal), a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing underprivileged renters access to better housing today announced the first partner and recipient of HOME funds, Entryway. Entryway is a national non-profit that transitions at-risk individuals and families facing homelessness to economic self-sufficiency through career training, employment, and housing opportunities in partnership with the multifamily industry. HOME’s CEO, Tyler Christiansen, joins Entryway as an advisory member for the Central Florida board.

“As a part of my role as CEO of Funnel Leasing, the team and I wanted to create an organization that supported underprivileged renters, and ensured our work as a company created positive change in the world around us, that’s why we created HOME by Funnel Inc.,” said Tyler Christiansen, CEO, Funnel Leasing. “HOME is making its initial donation as a bronze sponsor with Entryway, our first HOME partner organization. Entryway is a natural partner for HOME as they share similar goals, and work to increase housing opportunities for renters of all backgrounds.”

The inaugural partnership brings to life HOME by Funnel Inc.’s goal of creating housing equality. The work knows no end, HOME plans to raise money to support housing equity from various sources, including Funnel Leasing, Inc., which will donate $1 from every new lease signed using Funnel Leasing’s online leasing solution.

“We are thrilled with HOME’s focus on the importance of economic stability and equitable housing opportunities which aligns directly with our work to open the door for underserved individuals and families to return to economic independence through upskilling, full-time employment and discounted housing,” said David Williams, CEO, Entryway. “This donation enables us to serve more individuals and families and deepen our impact.”

About HOME by Funnel Inc. 

Home by Funnel Inc. — affectionately known as Housing Opportunities Made Equal or HOME — is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on tackling one of our nation’s biggest challenges: equitable housing. HOME is partially funded by Funnel Leasing, Inc. through its donation of $1 for each new lease signed and completed using Funnel Leasing’s online leasing solution. This ongoing, scalable funding mechanism continues to grow the impact of HOME, as renters find their next home. Instead of giving via flashy, infrequent checks for photo ops, HOME builds meaningful relationships with partner organizations to realize the impact of funds raised because it knows that equitable housing is vital and will take time to improve.

About Entryway

Entryway is a national 501(c)(3) organization that transitions individuals and families from homelessness to economic self-sufficiency by providing career training, employment, and housing opportunities in partnership with the real estate industry. Since its founding in 2014, Entryway has grown to serve over 600 individuals and families, unlocking pathways to life-changing opportunities and creating sustainable change in our communities. Entryway currently operates in ten markets: Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Denver, Houston, Nashville, the National Capital Region, North Texas, Central Florida, and Greater Phoenix. More information can be found at www.entrywaytalent.org.

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