Workforce Development Training

Women learning how to fix an appliance

Upskilling and Career Training

Entryway’s training program is a critical key to the long-term success of our participants, giving them the skills and knowledge needed for employment at apartment communities.  Participants are upskilled with Entryway’s virtual classroom courses and in-person, hands-on classroom trainings facilitated by multifamily industry professionals.

Career training is focused on high-demand positions in the industry including groundskeeping, maintenance and leasing.  Additional training and resources are provided to participants for soft skills, life skills, and financial literacy.

Combined, this not only prepares them for interview opportunities with our partners, but it continues to assist them in advancing throughout their new career.

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Classroom Training

Across our service markets, Entryway participants can be seen working hard in the classroom to gain hands-on experience and first-hand knowledge from industry professionals. In-person classroom training opportunities vary by market between full-time, part-time, and length of time.

For those in the maintenance track, participants can earn certifications in EPA Universal, OSHA 10 and Certified Pool Operator through our training partner SkillCat and receive hands-on instruction in HVAC, electrical and plumbing.  Leasing participants are taught from either the National Apartment Association’s Certified Apartment Leasing Professional curriculum or by leasing professionals with job shadowing and mock sales opportunities to gain invaluable experience.

Soft Skills, Financial Literacy for Long-Term Success

Interviewing for a job can be intimidating and nerve-racking, especially when you may have been out of work for some time. Our training program ensures all participants receive pre-employment training, including verbal and nonverbal communication, interviewing, resume writing, and presenting with confidence. These soft skills can make the difference in securing a new position, whether it’s with one of our industry partners or with another employer.

Financial literacy is critical for long-term economic independence. Through our virtual classroom, participants have access to 16 courses around financial literacy. From creating a personal budget to debt management to buying a car, all courses were created specifically for those we serve to assist them on their journey back to self-sufficiency.

“I was a little worried about applying for a job in a leasing office because I wasn’t sure if I was qualified or if I could do it. But after taking the training courses, I feel more confident. The courses made me realize that I could use the experience from the jobs in my past to be a good leasing agent. I have lots of sales experience that I can bring to a career in leasing. After watching the training modules, my feeling was, ‘OK, I got this.’”
Entryway Participant

“Our customized training prepares my participants for interviews and positions, but a wonderful side benefit I’ve noticed is that it gives them hope, motivation, and a clear confidence they did not have before learning about their new career paths.”

Jackie Campbell
Charlotte Executive Director